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High Quality


The backseat extender for dogs

Introducing our amazing Back Seat Extender for Dogs! It's not just about giving your pup more space, it's all about making sure your fur baby has the comfiest, safest ride possible!

Our backseat extender is crafted with 3 sturdy wood panels wrapped in soft, fluffy foam to ensure stability, and comfort. No more falling off the seats, and slipping around!

With 100% scratch, and waterproof material, and you can ensure your seats, and doors, will no longer get the wrath of your pups claws or accidents. Those seats will stay looking new!

Our new designed mesh window zips up to act as a barrier, or zips down if you want to reach back and give your floof a love! The mesh allows your pup to have the luxury of either the cool AC, or the toasty heater!

Get ready for tail wags and happy barks, because with our Backseat Extender, you're giving your fur baby the ultimate travel experience!

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